Looking Towards the Future

We’ve come to the end of our time with you on this blog, and hope that over the course of the last few weeks we have presented some interesting arguments and ideas about homelessness in the United States. Obviously homelessness is something that’s much bigger than we are, and something that will take a lot of people, resources, and strength to eradicate. Some states are en route to reducing or totally eliminating homelessness, while others are still trying to figure out what to do and are passing laws that might not help the issue.

In the end, it’s going to take many more voices to bring light to homelessness and propose solutions. Economic downturn and bad situations have the ability to affect everyone, regardless of age or background. Of course, it’s not just us talking about the topic that matters–your voice matters as well. We hope that this blog opens a dialogue about homelessness that you can join, and make a difference in your area or for homeless individuals you know. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter, advocating for legislation to help the homeless, or working with individuals to find homes or treatment, every action counts. It’s up to us to do our part for our fellow citizens.

For more information, check out our posts and Twitter to learn a little about the state of homelessness today. The Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post are also two great sources for learning more about homelessness, as they frequently publish stories about new occurrences and events. From an organizational standpoint, the National Alliance to End Homelessness has a lot of information and resources. Thank you for tuning in, and here’s to a better future for all.

Signing off,

Ben, Auris, Ryan, and Emily