The homeless deserve the same basic joys.

Homelessness is a problem in America, which you should know by now, after reading the other wonderful posts on this page. In a society that is driven by materialism, it can be hard for someone who has nothing to feel a sense of worth. However, human beings aren’t actually defined by what they have and own, but by who they are. It is important that we put an emphasis on these characteristics, as the homeless may not have a lot of clothes, food, or any of the other items many are privileged to have. Rather, we should listen to their stories and focus on their qualities because they are people too. It is important to see that in a world, where a lot of power is decided by this buying factor, that there are people who stand up for what is right and see people, all people, for what they are–after all, we all sometimes just need a good cup of coffee.

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