Homelessness: Our Position

Welcome to our blog! For this project, our group will focus on homelessness and eradicating homelessness in the United States.homeless_1_485x240

We believe that cities should do more to actively decrease their homeless populations by creating and investing in housing options, as well as offering more programs to help individuals find jobs orĀ  cope with mental illnesses or substance addiction. Using options like these will lead to more growth and benefit more people in the long term. In the end, we want to show readers that a lot of myths about homeless people are false, and that Americans need to change their perception of homeless individuals (and get rid of the stigma around being homeless) and put more thought into how people get into that situation rather than perpetuating the idea that hard work is the only way to get out of a tough place.

Posts will be starting soon, so stay tuned!



One thought on “Homelessness: Our Position

  1. This blog has a very nice look and i like the personal introductions. The mission statement of the blog is clear and easy to understand. I will only recommend to have the blog’s position at the top of the page before introducing the admins. I cannot wait to read your first post :).

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