Blog Admins: Meet Emily

linkedin-copy-2Hello! I’m Emily, and I’m a senior and Communication major at the University of Maryland. Within my major, I’m interested in interpersonal connections and relationships, culture, and social media, and want to make a difference with what I’ve learned in my future career. Outside of class, I enjoy food, finding new TV shows to watch, and spending time with friends and family. Growing up in Maryland allowed me to explore and learn about Washington D.C., as well as see its problem with homelessness firsthand. As I got more into social media and finding news online, I saw even more about the issue  through videos, news stories, and more about efforts certain areas have taken concerning their homeless population. I think a lot more needs to be done across the country to work on minimizing homelessness and finding long-term solutions. I hope this blog can open a dialogue about homelessness and make a difference for those who need it most.


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