Blog Admins: Meet Ben


Hi there! I’m Ben Huisman, and I am a Junior Communications major at the University of Maryland. I am interested in the growing use of social media within communications, the different platforms within social media, and their affect on real life scenarios in studying behavior. I hope that in the future I will be able to make a difference through the lessons I have learned and experience I have gained. I love sports such as basketball and football and follow them closely, but my big love is the game of soccer. Additionally, I love being with my friends and family and traveling the world. l  I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a place where contact with homeless people is a rare sight. However, in many of the other cities I have called home over my life, such as Detroit, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Jerusalem, homelessness, is almost an everyday sight. While I was saddened to see so many homeless people in those cities over the years, nothing surprised me as much to see how bad Washington D.C.’s homelessness issue is. I remembered saying to myself, “but it’s the capital of America?!?!” and this is what I hope to accomplish, to create a meaningful dialogue with the intention of making a change in the community in D.C.


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